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Русская реклама в Бостоне
Портал русскоговорящего Бостона
Русская реклама в Бостоне
Портал русскоговорящего Бостона
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The Russian-Speaking Community of Boston

russian-speaking boston, русскоговорящий бостонThe Russian-speaking community of Boston consists of representatives of all 15 Republics of the former Soviet Union. Our countrymen arrive in the United States for various reasons and the most crucial ones are a desire for self-fulfillment and achieving prosperity for their families. The Russian-speaking community of Boston is made up of educated and motivated people who take an active life position. 

As a rule, our compatriots rapidly assimilate in the United States and find themselves in different job fields, such as science, arts, education, business, etc. They quickly and successfully master English to a proficiency level suitable for work and daily communication, but at the same time, most of them try not to forget their native language and help their children to retain cultural heritage. 

It has been estimated that in the first one to three years of residing in the USA, more than 50 percent of immigrants from the former Soviet Republics buy their own property which is commonly located in a good area. This major life event becomes another important step towards the American dream. For the Russian-speaking community, America turns into a new home and a place where dreams come true provided that one puts some efforts toward these dreams. American life values, such as family, home, children, friendship, and parents are very comprehensible to the Russian-speaking community of Boston, and it creates the base for friendly communication between these two nations. As a rule, speakers of Russian in Boston show intense curiosity about and interest in American culture and local traditions. 

The legitimacy of doing business in America, the ease of opening their own company, and the absence of corruption attract representatives of the Russian-speaking community of Boston. That is why many of them start their own business (and sometimes not the only one) and successfully run it. Real estate, legal services, and insurance are the most popular business areas that traditionally attract speakers of Russian in Boston. A lot of people find themselves in scientific fields, such as physics, mathematics, biotechnology, and engineering, but the majority of our talented young compatriots work in the information technology industry, for example, programming, web design, and software development. Russian-speaking doctors who have been recertified and have passed the proper training in America take care of patients in private clinics or large hospitals and open their own medical offices, and they obviously benefit a lot from knowing the Russian language. It is worth noting that any business created by representatives of the Russian-speaking community of Boston is very popular among their compatriots, especially those who just recently moved to the US and have not yet learned enough English. The services of Russian-speaking notaries and interpreters are also very popular.

Representatives of the Russian-speaking community of Boston actively communicate in social networks and create groups of interests. There are dating sites that help people to find a significant other among those who live in the United States and want to find their love. The Boston’s Russian-speaking community regularly hosts public events, such as thematic exhibitions, parties, fairs, festivals, concerts, and picnics. Everybody can find a kind of entertainment that fits their preferences. Anyone can demonstrate their skills or products, communicate with compatriots, and make new friends. When you meet other speakers of Russian, you are most likely to be asked where you originally come from, and if you happen to be someone’s countryman, it causes a lot of joy. There are a few Russian churches in the Boston area which Orthodox Christians love to attend on regular days and especially on holidays.

The Russian-language media of Boston present important news, upcoming events, and interesting entertainment content, as well as advertisement about companies and their services in Russian. Among very popular rubrics you can find the ones that contain private announcements and live interviews. Highlighting the most vivid success stories of our compatriots provides certain guidelines as the stimulus for development and achievement of new life goals. In the Russian-language press of the USA, the RussianTown magazine stands out and positions itself as the information center with wide opportunities for the Russian-language advertising in the Boston area. It is published not only on paper, but also on the website www.russiantownboston.com and is spread through the social networks and the mobile applications. On all of these platforms, the Russian-language advertising in America is implemented in various formats, such as articles, videos, interviews, banners, modules, etc. So, take an advantage of these countless possibilities or create your own extraordinary format of the Russian-language advertising in America!

All resources of the Russian-language marketing in the USA definitely help to promote the Russian business, and the RussianTown plays a huge role in creating a good reputation in business environment. A creative approach makes the Russian-language advertisement in the USA absolutely unique. 

The Russian-speaking community of Boston loves to travel and explore new places and cultures, that’s why our people are always happy to go on vacations to different corners of America to explore local attractions or do sightseeing, as well as to visit foreign countries.

For those of our compatriots who are experiencing some temporary difficulties there are a few support groups including anonymous ones. Free ESL classes are also offered to those of our compatriots who would like to learn English. Russian schools are teaching bilingual children not only subjects of a general education program, but are also offering art and creativity classes, and most of the time, they are taught on a high level. There is also a variety of studios, classes, and sports sections handled by Russian-speaking teachers.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the female half of the Russian-speaking community of Boston is known for its beauty, style, and elegance. You can easily spot a Russian girl in the crowd by the way she looks and takes care of herself.

We can say with confidence that in general, the Russian-speaking community of Boston is quite successfully merged into American society and at the same time, it tries to preserve its roots and traditions. The Russian-speaking diaspora of Boston continues to grow and to increase by constantly arriving new immigrants and they are always welcome!